Whānau Houses

Kowhai House: 


Meet the Kowhai bird, Tui, the rockstar of the bird community! This feathered friend is like the lead singer of the forest band. With a personality as vibrant as its plumage, the tui is a social butterfly, always ready to charm with its melodious tunes. Picture a bird with a dash of mischief, a sprinkle of playfulness, and a whole lot of energy.


Rimu House:


The kākāpō, a rare and nocturnal parrot, is like the gentle giant of the bird world. Endearing and quirky, the kakapo has a personality that's a delightful blend of curiosity and charm. Imagine a feathered friend with a great sense of humour, known for its playful antics and love for the quiet night.


Miro House:


The takahē is a wise, silent superhero in the bird world. It doesn't talk much, but when it does, it's straight to the point. Imagine it as a bird with a cool, calm attitude, always focused and strong. It's like a feathered ninja who doesn't need many words to be awesome, just like our Miro kids!


Totara House:


The kārearea, or New Zealand falcon, is the fearless hunter of the skies. With a personality as bold as its aerial acrobatics, this bird of prey exudes confidence and independence. Picture a majestic raptor with sharp focus and a determined spirit, ruling the open skies with a mix of elegance and ferocity. The kārearea is a symbol of strength and tenacity!


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