Congratulations! You are taking part in the Home Learning Challenges. The tasks are designed to test you and challenge you to learn, grow and shine. Keep talking to your class teacher about the challenge you are working on and remember to keep a record of your work so when you have finished one task, you have evidence to present. Evidence your home learning challenge by way of project-display, photos, journal, google slides, video, diorama, animation, interview or some other appropriate way. Your teacher will allocate time on a Friday for you to present. Please keep presentations to around 2-3minutes.

• You must complete a minimum of 15 challenges over the year to
receive the end of the year award (you can do these in any order so
choose challenges that you find fun and interesting).
• Each challenge should take a minimum of 4-5 hours to complete
(including the time to put together the presentation).
• It is quality not quantity that counts so take your time to do each
challenge with excellence!
• With the help of your parents and teacher you may design your own
challenge. A written plan must be approved by your teacher.
• It is up to you to meet with your teacher and show that you have
completed each challenge with sufficient evidence, this will then be
signed off and recorded.

The completion date: Friday 19th November, 2021

Good luck and enjoy doing some work which interests you!

Homework challenge