Room 5 presented a wonderful assembly on Monday based around recent school events and using the “Report Writing” format.

Here is a portion of that assembly as presented by Ellen and Abby. The report was presented as if to camera and summarized events at the Senior School Athletics day held at Rutherford College last week.

Ella—Sunny, beautiful, no rain in sight. It was a peaceful normal Rutherford College day until a bus pulled over and a bunch of Peninsula Primary School kids scurried out to begin their journey to the humongous field to participate in Athletics.

Abby—Speed, strength and determination would be helpful if they wanted to accomplish running, discus, highjump, shotput and long jump.

Ella—There were some great athletes competing against one another with some fantastic results. Plenty of support and encouragement was also seen from students, teachers and parent helpers.

Abby—One teacher had said the overall day had been very successful. Students participated well and enjoyed themselves.

Ella—The results will form a Cluster Team for next weeks cluster competition.

Abby—This is Ella and Abby reporting to you from Rutherford College. Back to you at the studio.

Well done Ella and Abby, Room 5 and the whole senior syndicate.

Some Year 6 girls preparing for their race at  Rutherford