I Spy with my little eye….

I Spy 1:

What can you spy with your little eye in this picture?

Can you find knickknacks around your home and create your own I Spy picture?

When you have have completed your I Spy set up, can you write down a list in your home learning journal of what you spy with your little eye.

Refer to example under “I Spy 2” picture.

Ask someone in your bubble to find the items on your list. Can they find everything?

This activity build counting skills, improves eye tracking needed for reading and writing skills as children write down what they spy.


I Spy 2:

I Spy…

6 dice

4 crayons

2 batteries

1 toothbrush

1 pair glasses

1 calculator

1 tennis ball

How many penguins are in the picture?

How many eyes can you find?