Covid 19 information 

 For more information on how to support your child in an age-appropriate way have a look at some of these sites: 

Talking to Children about COVID_19

Washing hands video from Oxfam

Dr Michelle Dickinson (nanogirl) talks about the virus

What’s going on in this graph? NY Times

In the meantime – stay safe, stay home, be kind, kia kaha

Brenda Cronin


Covid-19 2021 communication

FAQ – Back to School in Level 2
Parent Google Meet
14th February 2021- Level 3
28th February, 2021- Level 3
14th February 2021- Covid-19 levels
14th February 2021- Covid-19 update

Covid-19 2020 communication

15th September 2020- Covid-19 update Level 2.5
25th August 2020- Covid-19 update Level 3
14th August 2020- Covid-19 update Level 3
13th August 2020- Covid-19 update Level 3
12th August 2020- Level 3
15th May 2020- Whanau Panui T2 W5
12th May 2020- Back to school level 2
7th May 2020-Whanau Panui T2 W4
4th May 2020- Update under Level 3
28th April 2020- Whanau Panui Term 2 Week 3
22nd April 2020- Whanau Panui T2 W2
22nd April 2020- Survey for opening under Level 3
16th April 2020- Phone contact
14th April 2020- Whanau Panui- T2W1 – Distance Learning
7th April 2020- Survey link MOE
2nd April 2020- Whanau Panui Term 1 holidays
27th March 2020- Keeping in touch
24th March 2020- Home Learning
23rd March 2020- School closure
22nd March 2020- Covid-19 update
21st March 2020- What would happen if we had a case at school
17th March 2020- Prevention remains a priority
12th March 2020- Coronovirus Update
5th March 2020- Coronovirus Update
Information from Ministry of Health