Senior pupils were lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Camp Adair at Hunua.The camp was a complete success thanks to dedicated staff and their team of parents. Having talked to students after camp, I know our aims were achieved.

Enjoying the challenge and excitement of new experiences.

Having self-esteem and the confidence that goes with it.

Being sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of self and others.

Having motivation to learn.

Being sensitive to and positive about issues for tangata whenua and other cultural groups.

Without teachers and parents willing to contribute to such events, they could not go ahead. A huge vote of thanks goes to Mrs Meyler, Mr Robyns, Ms Grace, Mrs Fa’amamafa, Mr Tahana and to ‘camp parents’.

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My most funny and exciting moment at camp was when we did the chicken dance and big boss pulled down his pants . I don’t think there was one person that didn’t laugh and for the rest of the night, it was all anyone could talk about.

Lisa Barton Room 5

Camp Adair has improved my self confidence a great deal. I have learnt that I can do anything I set my mind to. Through a range of different activities I have also learnt I am a great leader and am great at problem solving. I now use my camp experience in my day to day life.

I learnt at camp to try and set small mini goals for myself everyday. This has given me so much confidence. Camp was definitely an unforgettable experience.

Mara-Shelle Slatter Room 5