To become a Silver EnviroSchool, the Nature Crusaders reflected on the Silver Paragraph, finding evidence throughout the school of the Guiding Principles and the paragraph around the school. We have identified a lot of great things around our school and are looking forward to implementing new initiatives next year as begin our journey towards Green Gold! 

The Silver Paragraph States:

We have a clear, shared Whole School Vision and we are working together creatively to make it happen. There are obvious signs of all the Guiding Principles in our school, across all the areas of school life. We have a sense of inter-relatedness/whanaungatanga in terms of our school, our community and our environment. Our sustainable practices are being kept up and are growing; we are branching into new aspects as well as going deeper with existing ones through student-led enquiry. Students are fully involved in planning and making decisions about actions. We are tracking our progress and can show that more change has happened. Our work has involved lots of people in our school, as well as parents, whanau and other community members.  During the reflection process, the Nature Crusaders had to reflect on the evidence that is found in our school and our school life that reflects the Silver Paragraph.

They did an awesome job during the reflection process. While the Nature Crusaders are the ones who completed the reflection process, the whole school can take ownership and pride in our success! Well done everyone!