Right Start – Transition to school visits for 5 year olds

We endeavour to offer 3 pre-school visits before your child starts school. The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and we ask that the parent/caregiver remains with the child. The aim of these visits is to give your child a chance to experience an afternoon at school.

During one of these visits, parents and caregivers will be invited to the staffroom for an information meeting and to ask any burning questions.

First day procedure

Please arrive at school at approximately 8.30am.  Come directly to the school office, where your child’s start date/student file will be activated.  Either one of our Deputy Principals or the Principal will walk you up to class with a copy of the enrolment for your teacher.

Stationery /Bookbags

To make starting school easy for you we have teamed up with OfficeMax MySchool to have our class list requirements loaded up on to myschool.co.nz 

 We’ve found this is the easiest way for you to purchase your child’s requirements.  Simply search for our school, select your child’s class and follow the instructions on the site. Delivery is to your door.

If you do not wish to purchase online, a stationery list will be available at the school office on request. Bookbags are sold separately at the school office.


Due to limited parking and for safety reasons, we ask that all parents park outside the school grounds when visiting the school. Curb side parking is available on Waipani Road, Wharf Road (using the Wharf Road Entrance) and surrounding streets.

Daily timetable – bell times

8.15am                 Students may enter the school and go to classrooms

8.55am                 School starts

11.00am               First Break

11.40am               End of First break

1.10pm                 Second Break (Lunch)

1.50pm                 End of Second Break

3.00pm                 End of school

Your class teacher will give you a class timetable which will cover: library, swimming, Garden to Table and reading schedules etc…

Collecting from classroom at end of day

Your child will stay with their teacher until you or a caregiver (this may be an older sibling) is there to pick them up from the classroom.

Children who have not been collected from the classroom or who are waiting by school gates will be brought to the school office at 3.15pm.

 After/Before School Care & Holiday Programmes

sKids Peninsula runs daily during term time, Monday to Friday 6.30am – 8.30am and again after school 3pm to 6pm.  This is based in our school hall.  For bookings and information please phone Loise Mauga  on 0800 274 172 or email peninsula@skids.co.nz Holiday Programmes are also available.

Signing in late / Signing out

If your child arrives at school and the bell has rung, please come to the office first, sign in on our “tablet” selecting Student, Lateness then enter the student’s name and reason for lateness. The printer will produce a Late Slip which then goes with the pupil to class, to be given to the Teacher. It is really important for the safety of our pupils that this process is followed.

If you are visiting or volunteering at the school, please come to the school office and sign in.

If you need to take your child from school early, please come to the school office before you go to their classroom to sign them out. The signing out slip must be given to the child’s teacher before you take them from the classroom.

Messages to Pupils

During class time, to ensure that classes are disturbed a little as possible, we do not transfer calls directly to classrooms.  The office will relay messages to the pupil or teacher.  We ask that these are kept to only to essential messages and allow time for locating the pupils.  Late messages are very difficult to pass on.


Please make contact with the school if your child is absent from school for any reason.  Either notify by phoning the school office on 834 6711, selecting 1 for ABSENTEES or text to 0274 957181 or go to the school website. Please state your child’s name, Room number, reason for absence and expected date of return.


Lunch ordering is available in the school office before 9am.  All basic meal options are $5.  Please have the correct change as the suppliers and the office are unable to give change.

Monday               Sushi & Bento

Tuesday               Sushi AMI

Wednesday       Pita Pit

Thursday             Sushi & Bento

Friday                   Subway

Orders are then collected by the pupil from the Hall Kitchen at second break. Please ensure your child has “Brain Food” and something for the first break.


What to include in child’s lunch boxwater bottle, Brain Food (small, healthy, easily eaten snack ie: fruit, nuts, cheese etc), Morning Tea, & Lunch.

Please provide healthy, filling food. No soft drinks or lollies please.

Assemblies – whole school and team

Whole school assemblies are held every second Friday at 2.15pm in the school hall.  All welcome!

Team/year assemblies are held on alternate Fridays.


As well as being a compulsory part of Peninsula Primary School’s curriculum, it is essential that all children in New Zealand are able to swim.

We are very lucky at Peninsula Primary School to have, on our grounds, a heated indoor swimming pool.  We can therefore provide your child with the skills that may one day save his/her life.

The pool is run by Swimsation who run lessons for every pupil. Every pupil swims once a week for Terms 1,2 & 4.

Your class teacher will give you your swimming time each term.

Dojo communication with parents

Teachers use dojo to communicate with parents and to give positive behaviour points to children. Your child’s teacher will give you a form to sign up to their class dojo. You can learn more about class dojo here https://www.classdojo.com/#LearnMore


School Apps

All our school policies and procedures are available to view on www.schooldocs.co.nz

You can access these as follows:

School Docs – Find (Peninsula Primary School)

Community Username: peninsulaprimary

Community Password: learn


A school newsletter is created fortnightly on Wednesdays and is sent out using a digital format.  You can receive this via email or to your mobile phone.  You can subscribe through our website on www.peninsulaprimary.school.nz or on our Facebook page.

Our newsletter is where you will find term and event dates, upcoming news, important notices etc…

It’s a great way to stay in touch with what’s going on around the school.

Other notices going home

At times your child will bring home notices that are directly from the class teacher or notices that only effect the year level your child is in. It is important to check your child’s bookbag each night for any notices that may require a response back to school.

Medical Conditions/Medications/Sickbay

On the enrolment form please ensure any allergies or medical conditions are noted.

All medications are to be kept in the Sickbay.

If your child has a potentially serious allergy or a condition that requires supervision or medication, please come to the school office so that a plan can be created.

Some students will require an Action Plan from your GP or Specialist.

Medications such as antibiotics can be administered by the Sickbay Attendants, please complete the Permission to Administer Medication form available from the school office.

Minor illness & scrapes, bumps etc… can be treated in the Sickbay. In the event that your child is unwell, running a temperature or has an accident at school you will be contacted in the order that you have listed the child’s Caregivers/Parents & then on to additional Emergency contacts as listed if necessary.

Please ensure these details are kept current with the school office.

Bicycles & Scooters

Being a Travelwise school we are keen to encourage and promote alternative methods of travelling to and from school. Safety is a priority consideration for children riding bikes and scooters to school.

A Cycle and Scooter Safety License is available from the school office. This form gives parental permission for your child to ride to school and outlines the Safety Guidelines.  Please read and discuss with your child and return to the school office to be registered as a “rider”. We also recommend that you use a lock to secure your bike or scooter.

Hats & Lost Property

We regularly collect a large quantity of lost property. You are welcome to come and look through the lost property for missing clothing. This box is kept in the hall to the left on the main doors. Uncollected items will be removed from the hall every two weeks.

It is essential that all togs, towels, hats & all clothing are named.


We have a really proactive Friends of the School who support our community in lots of different ways.

There is a small administration team who meet regularly and a larger team who meet each term.  There is a calendar of events including discos, sausage sizzles, afterschool hangouts and the Santa Parade. The team do a fantastic job of raising funds for the school, but they also serve our community by organising social events to add to our community feel.

You can help out by becoming part of the team or just by joining their Facebook group where they will shout out for support at specific events or people with particular skills.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1080612201956061/

We are very lucky to have this group of people passionate about enriching our school.

You can also contact the team by emailing fos@peninsulaprimary.school.nz  Friends of the School are a parent run group.

School Donation/Bank Account number

In 2019 our Board of Trustees are asking for a donation of $75 per child or $130 per family, this amount is variable depending on your child’s start date (please check with the school office the amount you will need to pay if your child does not start school in Term 1).

You can pay in the school office using cash, cheque or eftpos (sorry credit is not available) or online banking:

ASB 123038 0262923 00

Please ensure your child’s name and Donation is in the reference.


Please speak to/contact your child’s class teacher first for any concerns or queries, via email or Class Dojo or by popping into the classroom to see them.