Covid 19 information 


Thursday 2nd April:

We hope in these challenging times you are keeping safe and being kind. These are difficult times for many and please know that as a school we will support you where we can. Please keep in touch with us. 

As you will be aware, school is closed during the lockdown. This includes the grounds and the playgrounds. We will alert you once the grounds re-open.

This week marks the start of the school holidays. These will be unlike any holidays we have had before.

This from the Ministry of Education:

Holidays will now begin from Monday 30 March to Tuesday 14 April inclusive (a reminder that the Tuesday after Easter Monday is always a closed day for schools).

At the end of the school holidays, Wednesday 15th April,  schools will be open for distance learning but not physically open for staff or students. Teachers will be working offsite. 

We will be sending out more information regarding home learning for Term 2 next week.  If you have not connected to the Seesaw app please check emails from your child’s teacher, you will have an email with a code to be able to get into the app. We will be sending the distance learning timetables to you via Seesaw on Tuesday 14th April. 

Staying Informed 

In this changing situation, we are looking to national health agencies for the most reliable information and guidance.  Students might be picking up on public anxiety around Coronavirus. As parents and good educators, the best way to reassure our children is with good information. 

Children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events such as COVID-19. Parents, caregivers, whānau and teachers will have a particularly important part to play in reassuring children at this time. 

Children will react to and follow your verbal and non-verbal cues. If you are able to stay informed and realistic, it will be easier for you to reassure children effectively as well.

Children need factual, age-appropriate information about COVID-19 so that they can also feel informed and in control. They need to know how they can play a part in avoiding infection and the spread of the virus.

They also need to feel that any fears that they may have can be talked about and addressed.


For more information on how to support your child in an age-appropriate way have a look at some of these sites: 

Talking to Children about COVID_19

Washing hands video from Oxfam

Dr Michelle Dickinson (nanogirl) talks about the virus

What’s going on in this graph? NY Times


In the meantime – stay safe, stay home, be kind, kia kaha

Brenda Cronin



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