Our staff are a great team who work together to provide the best learning environment for the students here.  You are welcome to email staff if you have great news to share or a problem you need help with.

Teresa Burn Principal teresab@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Brenda Cronin Deputy Principal brendac@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Owen Robyns Deputy Principal owenr@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Office Staff
Maree Williams office@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Monique Metcalfe office@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 0-1
Kathryn Lorenz Room 16 kathrynl@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Jessica Ross Room 17 jessr@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Michelle Barton Room 18 michelleb@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Nina Glucina Room 19 ninagl@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Helen Dobbie Room 20 helend@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 2
Oloa Fa’amamafa Room 13 oloatauaf@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Robyn  Ross Room 14 robynr@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Amanda Lake Room 15 amandal@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 3
Room 1 Year3MLE@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
You can also email these teachers individually;
Bruce McMillan brucem@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Lotte Grau lotteg@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Amy Roger amyr@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 4
Room 7
Bernadette Siebert bernadettes@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Barbara Kellerman barbarak@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Nina Gordon ninag@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 5
Lynn Pavihi Room 4 lynnp@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Sarah MacKay Room 5 sarahm@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Melisa McEwen-Shepherd Room 6 melisam@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Year 6
Cate Denisova Room 11 cated@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Kimberley Malloy Room 12 kimberleym@peninsulaprimary.school.nz
Property Manager
Malcolm Whitaker
Teacher Aide Team
Fa’anunu Sisnett
Kate MacEwan
Cheryl Fraser
Niki Maera
Frances Brooking
Amber Oram